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 Rules of Hogwarts Roleplay

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Pheodas Draconis

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PostSubject: Rules of Hogwarts Roleplay   Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:16 am

Rules of Hogwarts Roleplay

Pay attention students and professors, I wish to speak. Now as you know, all forums have rules and we are no exception but before we get onto those laborious old things I would just like to take the time to say Welcome to our forum, I hope you have an enjoyable time here at Hogwarts Roleplay and don't forget to explore everywhere...there's secrets to be found but only the people that do not want to find them will find them. Now onto this rules.


Rule No. 1: This is the most important rule, when you sign up you must use a made up characters name (e.g. Pheodas Arolas or Eylon Summer) this is crucial! Please do not use names (or nicknames) of characters from the books/films of the Harry Potter Series. Failing to do this rule will lead to immediate deletion of your account and you will be asked to make another account also, only use the same surname if you both have agreed that you are brothers/sisters/twins/cousins or any general relation for the Roleplay. However if myself or another admin has agreed to it, you may become someone such as Albus Severus Potter or Rose Weasley but only on admin orders.

Rule No. 2: Vulgar, obscene, or otherwise inappropriate material will be deleted immediately and the user responsible will be punished accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to: sexist and racial slurs, harassment, threats of any kind, profanity, and otherwise offensive material. Please note that shaming, bad mouthing, or expressing dislike of a user on our forums falls under harassment and will not be tolerated. However if you absolutely need to use a curse word please use asterisk to block out all but the first and last letters. (e.g. b*****d)

Rule No. 3: Asking why a user is banned or why a certain post has been locked is not allowed. Just know that whatever the reason was, it was a valid one. Users don't need to interfere with any staff affairs or act as 'backseat moderators'. The boards staff know what they are doing, so we politely request that users don't interfere. Ever.

Rule No. 4: Please only use English on the forums. This is not to discriminate you, since a massive majority of the board speak only English it’s for everyone's benefit. Since this is an English forum and our hosted server(s) are located in England, we respectfully request that English is used here for consistencies sake. Nothing against any non-English language, but the forums would become very confusing otherwise. We also ask that user names are in a Latin based alphabet. The use of 'slang' and/or 'words that are not usually spoken in the English dictionary' speak/talk is difficult to understand for many, and should not be used. In addition, please do not take it upon yourself to be a spelling and grammar cop. It is to be expected spelling and/or word and sentence errors will occur. It is fine to be helpful, just please don't be spiteful.

Rule No. 5: Advertising is not permitted anywhere on this forums. The only place you can advertise your blog or YouTube channel is in the advertising forum in the OOC category! Overwise I don't want to see links in signatures linking users to your, or another persons blog/forum or website. That said however, users may have a link in their signature directing users to Harry Potter related sites (e.g. Harry Potter Wikia) and your YouTube channel. Linking in posts and PM's is not allowed unless it links users to a helpful Harry Potter related website or tutorial.

Rule No. 6: Don't spam anywhere on the forums. That includes via PM. Spamming is useless, pathetic behavior and should it occur anywhere, the user will be punished accordingly. Excessive use of CAPS (LOL I JUST OWNED A SLYTHERIN!! ROFL!!) <-- example, also falls under spam. We also politely request that users post in full sentences and make use of basic grammar, that way people can read your post with ease and you are more likely to receive a reply.

Rule No. 7: Pornography of any sort (including animated, sketched or painted) is not permitted on this forums. Users will likely be permanently banned should they break this rule.

Rule No. 8: No drugs/violence or gang related discussions. This isn't the place for users to argue or discuss such sensitive topics. People should take into consideration children can and do use these forums. Such talk isn't and never will be appropriate nor will it occur.

Rule No. 9: Under no circumstances discuss any political or religious topics! -- This isn't the place for debating or trying to argue your point. Debating such complex, extreme and personal topics will eventually lead to unnecessary arguments and verbal violence. Such discussions don't and never will belong here, due to the fact this isn't a political or religious community. Keep all opinions to yourself and don't bring the subject up anywhere on the board! -- Users will be warned before further, harsher action is taken.

Rule No. 10: When Roleplaying in a duel or any other circumstances do not do the following things...
God-Modding: God-Modding is when you take your character and put oneself in a scenario that is very unlikely or impossible to use it to your advantage.

Overpowering: Also known as OP, Overpowering is when ones character is inhumanly powerful or skilled thus making him undefeatable or invincible.

Auto-Hitting: Auto-Hitting takes place when two or more wizards duel. It happens when one wizard attacks another and doesn't give the other a say in the attack e.g. *Uses expelliarmus to disarm player 2* instead of *Casts expelliarmus hoping to disarm player 2*

General Information all users should take into account

-If you have a problem with any staff member on the forums please private message Pheodas Draconis (Headmaster and Lead Administrator). The problem will then be resolved rapidly and sensibly. Users should avoid making their problems public, regardless of the nature of the said problem.

-Warnings are in place to ensure all users are treated fairly. Every user has 3 chances, after those 3 chances are over the user in question will be temporarily banned from the forums. A temporary ban lasts roughly 2 weeks. Should a user then break another rule (any rule) prior to a temporary ban, the user will be permanently banned with or without notice. Please be aware however, staff may give users a written warning via PM or even restrict your posts (any and all posts will require a moderators approval). It is within your interests as a user to heed any warnings with great care. --> Please note: When a temporary ban has expired, expect to wait at least a month for your warnings to reset (after one month you're 3 warnings will once again be available).

-Please note: Staff can give additional punishments when they deem it necessary. Even if you haven't been warned once, a staff member has the authority to mute (disables you're right to PM and post/start a new topic) and give written warnings via PM.

-Ranting will get you nowhere. If you have a problem with a certain feature on the board, please private message Pheodas Draconis, though expect a stern and defensive reply. Users should be grateful with the amount of work and effort put into these forums. Users that make a rant public will be warned once by an administrator, consider that the first and only warning before further action is taken.

-Don't argue with the moderators. Arguing with the forums staff will get you nowhere. They know what is best and will do what is best with a valid, justified reason. Should you insult a moderator, your punishment will be up to their discretion.

-If you see a post that has broken any of the rules above please contact Pheodas Draconis immediately, once I have been notified the post will be reviewed by staff and if any rules are broken punishment and appropriate action will be take accordingly. That said, do not abuse this feature of sending me message, frankly I don't want my inbox clogged up and also minor rule breaking may be pardoned. Everyone has a right to speak there mind.

Please don't ask to become a staff member. We choose our staff very carefully. Always remember we ask you, you don't ask us.

Lastly, I would like to thank you for reading this long, tedious text. Always remember to follow these rules! - There is no excuse.

Thanks again,
Kind regards,
Pheodas Draconis (Headmaster and Lead Administrator).
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Rules of Hogwarts Roleplay
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