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 Relaxation and Butterbeer

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Mihaela Howard


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PostSubject: Relaxation and Butterbeer   Sat Sep 24, 2011 4:17 am

It did not take Mihaela long to get back into the rhythm of Hogwarts. Perhaps it was because she studied continuously, even over the summer, that school didn't make that much of a difference to it. The noise did however. Even though they lived in the middle of a Muggle neighborhood near a hospital in London, Mihaela's family's house was always quiet. She was quite sure actually that one of her parents put a Silencing Charm up. Probably her father. Her mother enjoyed the hustle and bustle. Mihaela was more like her father one that point. She preferred the quiet. At least most of the time.

Now was not one of those times. She sat in a booth at the Three Broomsticks sipping a mug of Butterbeer. A bag next to her was filled with candy and snacks, the emblem across the front making sure everyone knew the amazing assortment was from Honeydukes. She'd also purchased some more parchment so she could continue writing her parents and not worry about having enough for her classes.

Speaking of her classes, she sighed. As she took another sip of her drink, she mulled over her Transfiguration work. She'd been working recently on the Vanishing Spell. Writing it, she had everything. All the components were accounted for. It was perfect. Performing it, well she had not been as successful. A week into practicing it and she had yet to make any object completely disappear. She'd have to work harder on that, she knew.

Taking another sip of the Butterbeer, she pushed the thought out of her mind. It was a weekend and she was in Hogsmeade for the day. Sitting back, she let the low rumble of noise and conversation wash over her.

{OPEN to anyone}

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Relaxation and Butterbeer
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