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 A Weekend out in Hogsmeade

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Apollina Vasquez


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PostSubject: A Weekend out in Hogsmeade   Mon Dec 12, 2011 1:34 pm

As December rolled by, the fluffy white snow began to fall, the trees shed their leaves, and the outside turned cold. Apollina quickly wrapped her jacket tighter around her, trying to hold the body heat as she traveled through Hogsmeade. She couldn't believe how fast the school year began, and all the homework along with it.

But just for today, she wanted to forget about the DADA homework, waiting to be done, and have a good time...

(OCC: Most people haven't posted since Oct... I dunno if no one is on this anymore, but I started a new topic just in case... and maybe we can get this RP back in the swing of things Very Happy )
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A Weekend out in Hogsmeade
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