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 Ooooohh-What Do We Have Here?

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PostSubject: Ooooohh-What Do We Have Here?   Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:22 am

THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. Bam! Betcha didn't see that coming.


"The entrance to the Chamber is at a snake-engraved sink tap in the second-floor girls' lavatory, where a ghost of a girl named Myrtle, more commonly known as Moaning Myrtle can often be found. A corridor may be entered by giving the command of "Open" or "Open up" to a snake engraved on the entrance in Parseltongue. The engraved snake is on a tap over one of the sinks. According to Myrtle, the tap has never worked. A passage will open from the sink that leads to a corridor...etc." - Harry Potter Wiki

Now-Aren't You Scared Out Of Your Wits? Don't Worry. Tom Riddle is not here.
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Ooooohh-What Do We Have Here?
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