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 We're Cool Like That! The Slytherin Club!

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PostSubject: We're Cool Like That! The Slytherin Club!   Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:49 am

Well-do you want to join the We're Cool Like That, the Slytherin club? If that's a yea, put your name and position when you reply please!


Info Person [the person who gets all the info on everything Slytheranian]:
Quidditch Reporter [the person who talks about the latest Quidditch Matches and how they went....]:
Regular Members:


If you think there should be any more positions just Owl the person who becomes leader of the club....? Yea I'm not in Slytherin... but I think Each House should have their own club... call me crazay....
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We're Cool Like That! The Slytherin Club!
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