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 Felix Felicis

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Pheodas Draconis

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PostSubject: Felix Felicis   Mon Sep 05, 2011 2:29 am

Pheodas smirked at the the molten gold liquid in side his big, solid gold cauldron which was decorated with diamonds and sapphires around the ages. The clawed feet of the cauldron shook ever so slightly as the liquid inside jumped and bubbled like goldfish gasping for air. 'It's been a long time since I have brewed you my friend' Pheodas thought to himself nostalgically, he quickly glanced over to his Scarlet and Gold Phoenix which was fluttering about excitedly.

"Don't worry Alexander, it isn't going to kill anybody...hopefully" He said with a silver smile and a glint in his eye. Pheodas slowly placed the diamond and sapphire adorned, golden lid atop the cauldron and set off to The Great Hall, he smiled to himself, knowing that in a few hours time one or two of his students will be luckier than they have ever been before, most likely happier but that wasn't guaranteed.
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Felix Felicis
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